CH Turftide's Fortune Teller for Bear N Mind - "Teller"

  CH Barharber's Just West of East
  CH The Bombardier
  CH Tabus Pooh Bearabella
  BIS CH Seabrook's Stepping Out at Pooh Bear ROM
  CH Seabrook's Tug Boat of Sekema
  CH Tabus Seabrook Nobelle Frize
  CH Tabus Pooh Bearabella
VN GCH Bear N Mird's The Guadian CD, DD, WRD
  BISS CH Midnight Lady's Especially for You
  CH Darbydale's You've Got Mmale
  CH Darbydale's Shake'M UP
  CH Bear N Mind's Lady Liberty ROM
  CH Skimeister's Dakota
  CH Bear N Mind's By the Sea
  CH Bear N Mind's Over Matter of SKI
  CH Pouch Cove's Goliath
  CH Sun Valley's Worth the Wait
  CH Sun Valley's Benrich Ribbon
  CH Council Cup Where For Art Thou
  CH Council Cup's Dante's Alibi
  CH Council Cup's Piccolo Grigio
  Council Cup's Lou's Meriwether
GCH Kilyka's Jillion Steps to TurfTide
  CH Main Tickle Forbiddenplannet
  CH Fairweather's A Great Pretender
  Any Chance For You
  CH Kilyka's Absolute Tempest
  CH Kilyka's Brunswick Mercurio
  CH Mollybrook's Absolut Kilyka ROM
  CH Kilyka's Mary Elizabeth