GCH Bear N Mind's Stand Up and Cheer CD, DD, WD - "Bravo"

  INT/A/I/S/N/Monaco CH Twillin Gate Quintex
  CH Pouch Coves Candidate, ROM
  CH Pouch Coves Shiprock Sydney, ROM
  CH Pouch Coves Dark Horse, ROM
  CH Pouch Coves Matter of Fact, ROM
  AM/CAN CH Pouch Coves Northern Spirit, ROM
  CAN CH Pouch Coves Antares Arbitrage
CH Pouch Coves Bowater After Dark
  CH Pouch Coves Candidate, ROM
  AM/CAN CH Numas Incumbent at Pouch Cove, ROM
  CH Pouch Coves First Class Numa
  CH Darbydales Pouch Cove Appeal, ROM
  CH Seabrook Headmaster Tabu, ROM
  CH Darbydales Shake'm Up, ROM
  CH Pouch Coves Objection Overruled
  BIS AM CH Seabrook Headmaster Tabu
  CH Pouch Cove's Goliath, ROM
  CH Pouch Cove's Objection Overruled
  CH Sun Valley's Worth The Wait
  CH Pouch Cove's Matter of Fact
  Sun Valley's Brenrich Ribbon
  CH Sun Valley Muddy Creek Brook ROM
CH Bear N Mind's Liberty's Legacy
  BISS INTL CH Midnight Ladies Especially For You
  CH Darbydale's You've Got MMale
  CH Darbydale's Shake'm Up
  CH Bear N Mind's Lady Liberty, ROM
  CH Skimeister's Dakota
  CH Bear N Mind's By The Sea
  CH Bear N Mind over Matter of S.K.I.